the network

This is a free network. So it’s not about paperwork, or one thousand little rules, it’s about ideas and about beauty. We like to keep it simple, transparent, easy.

1. We’re offering the artists of our network a platform. This platform has two sides: a digital one (this site, as well as our social media: Instagram, Facebook), as well as an analogue one: untitledxxi will try to find spaces to show their work. If the artist is up to it (no obligation at all), we will rent his work, so it can be shown in public (hotels, schools, meeting rooms in companies, but also private houses). A part of the rent goes to the artist, which is interesting: he can have an income out of work he doesn’t want to sell (yet).

2. If the artist agrees (and only then, because there’s no obligation at all), we will sell his/her works, at a moderate commission. With a part of this commission the projects mentioned under 6. below will be financed.

3. Of course an artist can choose to only show his work on the site, and not sell nor rent it out. This is for free. What’s more: one can at any time decide to have work removed from the site. So, again, there are no obligations at all. Next to each work on the site we indicate for sale/not for sale/for rent/not for rent.

4. We’re offering the artists of our network a tool to inspire and to start a dialogue: on this site they can comment on each other’s works: there’s a comment button under each individual work. People and companies offering space to show work of our network’s artists, and art lovers in general, will be invited to launch their comment too: that way an inspiring dialogue can take place between artists and people who are really interested. This is no chat site though – there are other sites for that, so casual chat will be removed from the site. This site is about real content, so if you give comment, then don’t only ‘like’, but tell why you like. Artists of the network, as well as people/companies offering our artists a space to show their work, will have free access. Other art lovers can obtain a login; they will be asked for their motives to join the site and network.

5. The dialogue between artists, and artists and art lovers is made easy by the possibility to view work to scale, in high quality detail. The higher the quality of the picture that is uploaded by the artist, the higher the quality on the site.

6. untitledxxi organizes events in order to encourage the dialogue between artists of the network. We will be funding excellent small projects: a Brooklyn group of painters wanting to meet with Amsterdam colleagues, a talented Zimbabwe artist eager to dialogue and paint with Ghent kindred souls. The artists of our network can submit project ideas. A part of the commission earned by selling and renting out works from artists belonging to the network, will be invested in these kind of projects.

7. We want to keep our network clean. Not every artist will be accepted, nor every work of art, nor every space. When a work of art that is uploaded isn’t published this isn’t necessarily due to the quality of it. Some artists and works fit in our network, others simply don’t. This is a community, which supposes, in a way, kindred spirits. We encourage the artists of our network to find each other and start a direct dialogue by all means possible: Instagram, Facebook, telephone, real visit. Or set up a project as mentioned under 6.

8. A last remark about the selling of work. We know that very high-tech contracts are made with artists about what they can and cannot do as far as the selling of their work is concerned. This network isn’t about that. So, quite easy, we don’t use these kinds of contracts. Again: this network is about ideas, and about beauty, and we will avoid paper where it can be avoided. Think about the ‘honesty bar’ you find in some hotels: you drink, you put a stripe, you put the money in the honesty box. Same here: we simply ask the artist to pay the network a moderate commission when we sell a work, because we need it to finance this structure and the projects mentioned under 6. As we are an artist’s network we consulted a large number of artists in order to fix the amount (percentage) of the commission. So far for the rules of the game. We need no contracts for that. We know that the artists of our network rather value a word, a gentlemen’s agreement, than complicated words on a piece of paper.

That, plain and simple, is our mission.