Ies Noordhoek

Amsterdam (Nederland)

About the ‘Models’ series:

Long time ago I started photographing tailor’s dummies everywhere around the world. And since couple of years they’ve become an important, fascinating subject for my paintings. These dummies are standing in front of us as unapproachable statues, images we take warning from. In full, overwhelming spotlight, ambiguous, clair et obscur, real and unreal, dead and alive, man and woman, attractive and repulsive at the same time. When you have a close look you see the imperfections, making them almost human and as tragic as we sometimes are. My canvasses show the personal drama of these archetypes.


Model nr 10

Model nr 10

Model nr 22 the visitor

Model nr 22 the visitor

Model nr 7

Model nr 7


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Model nr 7Model nr 7

Ik vind het het knapste wanneer de poppen een menselijke eigenschap krijgen. Het vreemde is dat ik niet goed kan plaatsen waarom ze iets menselijk hebben.

- Deborah Nyst -