Felipe Achondo

Santiago (Chile)

I am a painter, established in Santiago, Chile. I have specialized my work in abstract realism paintings with great emphasis in the human figure and interiors. I have been in a constant research and development of figurative oil painting technics (but away from classic realism), where the work of realism is expressed in the whole aspects of painting, leaving “imperfections or mistakes” on purpose as an essential part of the piece, losing and generating a serene environment at the moment of presenting different themes. At some cases the background is made so it is a balanced mixture with the human figure that is shown, so it is fully integrated in the environment and vice versa, and only small contrast, tones and hues, mark the start and end of the figure, creating a rhythm that helps the composition itself. 
I would describe my work as a search for the action of painting, experimentation and recognition of material behavior at the moment of facing a canvas. My main theme is the process of painting itself, and through this process be able to express the different scenes that I represent. 

Oil as a medium allows me to work with many layers and transparencies, and based on constant insistence, many causalities or "errors" are left, and those eventualities for me are what gives life to each piece. Throughout time I've learned how to control the behavior of the materials, but always each work has a certain life, so the final piece has a freshness and looseness that is pleasing to the observer, despite that the image displayed somehow is disturbing.


Memoria vernacular (vernacular memory) n4

Memoria vernacular (vernacular memory) n4